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A pergola is simply an outdoor room or garden feature with cross rafters and no walls. Pergolas form shaded passageways, walkways or sitting areas. They are usually supported by cross-beams and an open lattice upon which vines are trained. Pergolas can qualify as special types of gazebos, building extensions or links between pavilions. Since they are freestanding structures, you don’t need complicated connections between your roof or house to have a pergola. This offers great benefits.


Most people confuse pergolas with arbours however, they are larger and more open. They also don’t include integral seating. Arbours are generally wooden bench seats with a roof usually enclosed using lattice panels to form a support system for climbing plants.


Below are some of the features and benefits of our pergolas.


Free-standing design

As mentioned above, pergolas are freestanding structures which means you don’t need to make complex connections between them and your home’s roof/wall. Furthermore, the freestanding design creates unmatched visual interest especially if you have vines or flowers growing up/over the rafters as well as down the vertical posts. Unlike patios, you can also add a romantic appeal and soft flowing effect by draping all weather fabrics on the posts and still get more protection from elements.

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Our hand built pergolas add elegance and beauty to combine
with a relaxing place to visit in your outdoor space.

Utilises outdoor space effectively

Pergolas also allow homeowners to get the best out of their usable outdoor space. A pergola can give you the chance to add outdoor furniture which is safe from harsh weather when a wall in your home is attached to an outbuilding. It is possible to create outdoor space that is safe from rain and wind.



Easy to construct/setup

Pergolas can be made fast and easy if you love do-it-yourself projects. They are moderately easy to construct provided you have the right tools as well as help to set the rafters, move and fix the posts in place. You can also buy pre-made pergolas or have a landscaping company design and build one for you.

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