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What is repointing? In masonry construction, repointing refers to the process of renewing the external parts of mortar joints. Repointing is an essential exterior maintenance service since weathering and decay causes voids in masonry unit joints, more so bricks, overtime. This can cause aesthetic problems as well as water seepage. Repointing involves the careful removal and replacement of deteriorated/damaged mortar from masonry wall joints.


Why do you need the best repointing brickwork services?

For a repointing job to stand out, the deteriorated mortar must be removed carefully and replaced with an intelligently formulated mix. This is an incredibly sensitive process which explains why repointing must be left to true professionals. Furthermore, bad repointing can cause structural damage.


Inappropriate mortar mixes can accelerate deterioration rather than preserve masonry. Knowing the performance characteristics as well as the original mortar ingredients is paramount! That’s where we come in.


How we offer our repointing brickwork services

We start by analysing your brickwork mortar to identify the original mix. We proceed by formulating the perfect mortar recipe that matches the original mix/building. We pay special focus on aesthetical appeal as well as durability. We sample and test original mortar mixes using traditional methods. We also offer brickwork repair services where necessary.

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We formulate the perfect mortar recipe that
matches the original mix and/or building.

Pointing styles

We utilise a variety of pointing styles when restoring historic brickwork. We can repoint historic sites and buildings using a number of traditional styles. We can also use these historic methods to give new buildings a classic look.

Double struck pointing

Double struck pointing or bird beak pointing is a historic finish that dates back to the 15th and 16th century. The finish, which was created using a pointing trowel, was popularly used to get rid of brick irregularities during this period.


Struck pointing

Struck pointing which is also known as overhand struck pointing is a joint finish dating back to the 17th century. The finish, which isn’t considered impressive today was popular when brick irregularities were common because brick making was reasonably poor. Struck pointing was used to define straight lines on top arise of bricks.



We can also offer you tuckpointing services. Tuckpointing was originally designed to imitate gauged and rubbed brickwork, using cheaper bricks. The finish style dates back to the 17th century. Brickwork joints would be filled using coloured mortar matching the brickwork for purposes of hiding irregularities. Lines would then be scribed and fine lime putty ribbons laid into the grooves to offer the effect of a 5mm joint.


Weather struck pointing

Weather struck or cut pointing is a relatively new brick finish that became popular when bricks irregularities decreased (in the late 19th century). As the name suggests, the finish was designed to weatherproof brickwork (help brickwork shed water away). Weather struck pointing was created using a trowel, at an angle to offer defined straight lines.


Traditional new build

We also do new traditional builds for clients wishing to create extensions on historic property. For this service, we employ traditional techniques and materials such as natural lime mortars ensuring we match original buildings in every way including character and appearance.

Coloured Mortar

We also offer coloured mortar repointing services. Coloured mortar dates back to the Roman times where builders used hydraulic lime (mixture of slaked lime and several types of sandy volcanic ash). Coloured mortar featured black, white, red and grey colours initially however, you can achieve any colour imaginable with today’s technology. We have access to a wide range of coloured minerals and pigments. We can offer you coloured mortar repointing services using any colour mix of your choice.


We can go as far as marching existing mortar colour. Our colour matching service creates a perfect match with existing mortar after a thorough analysis and testing process. It doesn’t matter if the brickwork is too old or weather-damaged. We can come up with mortar colour that matches the original colour precisely. We can make custom lime mortars. We also have highly skilled craftsmen experienced in making colour matching existing mortar.


Lime mortar pointing

We are among the UK’s leading lime mortar specialists offering full structure repairs. We also supply custom lime mortar mixes and bulk mixes. Lime mortar is superior to cement in brickwork. In fact, it should never be replaced with cement if it was originally used in brickwork. Lime mortar is self-sealing which offers unmatched water resistance. It also has excellent breathability, high elasticity, and low capillarity.


Brick slips

We can also remove the entire face of bricks and restore them enabling you to enjoy the natural beauty of kiln-fired clay bricks minus the constraints and drawbacks of using full bricks. We make our brick slips using the highest quality/best full facing bricks. This service opens up countless possibilities for projects.

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